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Bibleway's story begins with my calling to the ministry at a very young age. I was only 16 when a godly woman prayed for me one Friday night. I had just spoken to my youth group about the love of God. She prophesied to me that I would be a bishop. Although I had grown up in the church all of my life, and even though both parents were preachers and teachers, I did not know what being a bishop was. I did not comprehend his functions nor responsibilities. I was stunned. My shock caused me not to pay too close attention to all she said, but it stayed with me - I would be a bishop. I didn't know how or when, but I knew that I would be.


Three years later, I found myself enrolled and registered to attend the United Pentecostal Bible Institute (UPBI). I spent three years there, earnestly seeking God's direction for my life. Two years later, I proposed to Christine Johnson (class valedictorian) and married her 18 months later. After graduating from UPBI, I spent one year in Scarborough, ON co-founding the Grace Apostolic Church with its founder, Carlton Rigg. God gave us incredible results. We saw the church increase from 20 to 120 in seven months.

I was scheduled to serve one year in Nigeria as an associate missionary, at the end of my 12 month term in Scarborough. So, I bid farewell to my church family at Grace and returned to Ottawa to get ready to fly to go to Nigeria. Three days before would depart, my approval was rescinded without an explanation. My whole life flipped upside down. I had no plan B. This was wholly unexpected. My whole family was affected. About this time, I experienced a complete burnout, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I was dying from the inside out, and no one knew how to help me, except my mother. She discerned the problem while praying and helped me to begin to recover. I will never forget her unfailing love for me.

It took some time, but when I recovered, God began to speak to me in dreams about the ministry. While praying in my living room one day, He clearly told me he wanted me start a church in Nepean. Have you ever felt unworthy? I felt unworthiness in that moment. I realized immediately that my worth was not in question, but my faith was. I knelt and wept as I accepted God's call on my life to be an apostle. After praying, I shared what the Lord told me to my wife. That was not easy for her. We had both just committed ourselves to stay and serve our pastor in Ottawa for life. There was no Plan B. Nonetheless, she came to accept the certainty of God's call mixed with apprehension about an uncertain future.

In the Fall of 1990, Christine and I held our very first service... by ourselves. Kinda funny how that happened. We attended the service at the mother church that morning. There was a second service that evening, so we tried to do the third service at our house, just to see if we could handle that many services in a day. The experiement taught us a couple of things: three services would not work! We were spent. It was not viable. The other thing it taught us was that my wife would not enjoy being called on to testify if she was the only person in the audience. More on that another time.

From that humble beginning, God gave us the burden to preach and teach Biblical, spiritual truth in such a way that it would positively affect and change people's lives. What people needed was Jesus. We existed to give them Jesus. Twenty-four years have passed. Our living room is now a 9,500 sq. ft. facility in Barrhaven, a subrub of Nepean and one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. Two trailblazers have morphed into a beautiful, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family of believers from many corners of the world.

I am Raymond Grant, the founding minister of Bibleway Ministries. Thank you for making Bibleway a part of your search for a church in your city. Over the course of 24 years, my bi-racial family has been blessed to positively affect and change the lives of multi-cultured, multi-ethnic community in Ottawa-West Nepean. Christine and I have a simple desire - to share the simplicity of the gospel and the love of Jesus with everyone, within shouting distance of our heart.

Over the course of the years, we have developed key ministries that help serve every family that calls Bibleway home.

  • A robust Praise & Worship Service

  • Life-changing Messages

  • Christian Education for all ages

  • Dynamic Youth Ministry

  • Small Group Growth Groups

  • Intercessory Prayer

  • Nurture Your Future Daycare Services

  • The Chistian Learning Center Academy

  • Bibleway World Outreach College

  • Banner Productions Music School

If you are seeking to encounter God in a real and personal way, your search ends here. If you desire to make a contribution to our team, help our team or even join our team, we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led individuals to serve with us in administration, music and outreach.

Contact Us At:

Office Ph:   (613) 838-4238

E-mail:        biblewaymin@gmail.com

You can access our contact information at the end of this page. Feel free to use the contact form provided there as well.

Our Pastors:
Raymond & Christine Grant
Andre & Phillippa

Lead Pastors of the PORCH, Cornwall


Bibleway Ministries

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